Barling Boat Sales Tournament

Barling Boat Sales Team Trail Tournament 2018

March 17th Eufaula Hwy 9 East
April 7th Ouachita Mountain Harbor
May 5th Tenkiller Chicken Creek
June 23rd Kerr Applegate
July 21st Ozark Clear Creek
Aug 4th & 5th(Fish off) Dardanelle Shoal Bay

Entry: Team Floor Matt - $660 Entry Fee per team must be paid when signed up. This pays for all tournament and fish off, includes $60 for Big Bass. Late entry cut off by April 6th, 2017. Sign up at Barling Boat Sales. Payout based on a 40 boat field listed below. Pay another place for every 10 boats.

Fish Off
1st Place $1500.00 1st Place $5000.00
2nd Place $800.00 2nd Place $2500.00
3rd Place $500.00 3rd Place $1000.00
4th Place $200.00 4th Place $500.00
  • Ramps subject to change. All members will be notified.
  • Hours: Safe light to 3:00pm
  • Barling Boat Sales Incentives: The winning team during regular tournament $500.00 ($250.00 Cash, $250.00 in services) Fish off - $1000 First Place - $500.00 Second Place - $200 Third place. Angler must win in a Barling Boat Sales boat they bought and still own and wearing a Barling Boat Sales Qualified Tournament Shirt
  • Ranger Cup ($750.00) - must be wearing a Ranger Cup Qualified Shirt at each regular season. Ranger Cup only for 5 regular tournaments not for fish off. Boat Must be Ranger Cup registerd.
  • Tackle Box – (2) $100.00 gift certificates per tournament.


Mailing address: 6401 South Zero St., Fort Smith, AR 72903
STEVE ROBERTS (479) 459-5323
STEVE BROWN (479) 648-0945
J C WILSON (479) 459-3434

2018 Rules for Barling Boats Sales Team Trail Tournament

  1. Late weigh in is auto disqualified.
  2. Life Jackets worn at all times while the boats gasoline motor is running.
  3. Six fish allowed in the boat. You must cull before weigh in site. Not at the ramp.
  4. Maximum number of dead fish allowed is one with a one pound penalty.
  5. Fish length limit will be announced at each lake.
  6. Short fish throw out plus a 1 pound penalty.
  7. Courtesy bump will be allowed.
  8. Lake changes may be made due to high water, but dates will remain the same.
  9. You cannot bait “seed” a fishing hole or have a hole sitter.
  10. Substitutions only with existing tem members.
  11. Artificial lures only.
  12. You can only fish with 1 rod at a time.
  13. Unethical behavior may be subject to disqualification.
  14. Any objections at the tournament must be made to the weigh master within 15 minutes of the weigh in.
  15. You cannot depart your boat to land a fish. You can only depart your boat in case of an emergency.
  16. The waiver must be signed by both partners.
  17. If the tournament contestant is under 18 a parent or guardian signature is required.
  18. BASS Rules – no umbrella rigs.
  19. All tournaments subject to polygraph.